September 4, 2011

Essie - Carry On (Inspired by Handbags - Fall 2011)

Halli hallo,

heute zeige ich euch den dritten Lack den ich aus der Essie Inspired by Handbags Kollektion habe - Carry On.

Die Farbe ist schwierig zu beschreiben, ich würde es als dunkel lila-rot-braun bezeichnen mit einem Creme Finish.

Ich finde, dass Carry On eine klasse Herbstfarbe ist...Essie hat mal wieder eine Klasse Kollektion in der uns bekannten sehr guten Essie Qualität beschert.

Was ist eure Lieblings Herbstfarbe?

Hello everybody,

today I show you the third nail polish I got of the Essie Inspired by Handbags collection - Carry on.

The color of Carry on is difficult to describe, I would say its a dark purple-red-brown with a crème finish.

I think Carry On is a great fall color...Essie just gave us another great collection. I love it.

What is your favorite fall color?


  1. wow, that's a pretty color!!

    My favorite color for fall might be dark teal (like OPI Ski teal we drop) but I also LOVE dark it's difficult to chose! ;D

  2. @Nailderella
    thank you...teal is indeed nice

  3. this looks so much better on you than me!! i knew it would!

  4. @stella
    Thank you! I am so happy you gave it to me. You just know my colors :)


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